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Edwardsville became incorporated as an official borough June 16, 1884. It was actually settled one hundred and sixteen years prior to this date by folks from Connecticut.

At the time of the incorporation in 1884 three wards were formed. Two men from each ward were elected. With the growth of the population in 1900, three more wards were added, making a total of six wards and twelve council members.


In 1905 the seventh ward was created making a council of fourteen. In 1962 the court granted a petition to decrease the council to seven. This is the make up of the governing body of the Edwardsville borough today along with the mayor. In 2006 the seven wards were recreated to form three larger wards which are the boroughs present state. Edwardsville is the 11th congressional district and the 119th legislative district.

The current population of the Edwardsville borough is 4,984. It is approximately 1.2 square miles.

Edwardsville is mainly a residential area but does have a commercial district with 3 major shopping centers. The main street also is known for a few legendary restaurants.

For recreation the borough has 3 beautiful parks. One of these parks, the John J. Hopkins Memorial Park consists of nearly 8 acres and is used for many local sporting events.

Edwardsville is a wonderful place to live, shop, and visit.



Landlord/Tenant Registration

The Edwardsville Code Enforcement Officer will conduct Landlord/Tenant inspections. Landlords are required to complete the necessary paperwork in its entirety and return it to the borough, along with a $50.00 fee for the first unit occupied and $25.00 for each unit thereafter.

*New Registration Year*

Trash Pickup

Garbage stickers are $2.50 per sticker per bag. The weight limit is 30lbs. per bag. Stickers can be purchased at the following locations:

White Goods Pickup

Over-sized goods such as appliances and furniture can be picked up by the Edwardsville DPW. Most items are $10.00 per item.


Recycling stickers can be purchased at the Administrative Office in the Borough Building from January until the end of June.

The cost per 2019 sticker is:

Recycling Calender


Understanding Stormwater Regionalization

Stormwater Management

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

Notice of Public Participation and Public Meeting for Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan

Medical Waste Disposal


Voting District Changes

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Business Key Holder & Emergency Contact Form

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